Free UK postage for orders that are over £15 or only cards.

Returns Policy

I want you to be happy with your purchase so if you are disappointed when it arrives, please contact me to discuss options. I offer refunds on items returned (undamaged) within 30 days. This will include the original purchase price and shipping to you, but will not cover return shipping to me or any customs or taxes you may have paid.

If your items are flawed or become damaged during normal wear, I honestly would like to know so that I can improve my product. Again please contact me so that we can discuss repairs. I will be interested to understand under what conditions the breakage occurs, for example if your necklace snaps while you are watching TV, it's probably my bad, but if your puppy ate it, it's probably unreasonable to expect it to survive.

If your puppy DOES eat one of your earrings, or you lose it in another manner, again please contact me. Many of my designs are one of a kind, but occasionally I will have some orphaned beads left over and may be able to make another single earring to complete the pair (price will be half of the original pair). Otherwise I may be able to make a mismatched companion since no-one wants a lonely earring.