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Ethical and Eco Policy

I would like to tell you that polymer clay is a super eco choice, but unfortunately I can't – it's literally plastic (PVC). I can't comment on the manufacturing process before it reaches me, except I know that Fimo (the brand I primarily use) has avoided the use of phthalate-based plasticizers since 2006 and is sold as a non toxic product.

However, once it reaches me, I assure you that there is practically no waste – any unbaked clay offcuts get mixed up into new colours or used as core with layers of decoration on the outside. Any baked clay that I'm not happy with gets covered again or used in mosaic pieces. I even keep and use the scraps from drilling holes in my beads as decoration. Finally, I cure my finished pieces in a small dedicated oven at 110-130℃ which is a much lower temperature, and therefore less energy requirement, than glass and ceramics need.

Blue beads with scraps as decoration

In addition to creating minimal waste when I make beads, I can use polymer clay to mimic other natural materials so I am able to make vegan friendly faux ivory and shell effects. I do repurpose necklaces from charity shops and broken jewellery that has been gifted to me, so my jewellery may include shells, pearls or stones with unknown origins, but I don't buy these new. When I do buy natural stone beads I check that the supplier sources these ethically.

I do think it's important to tread lightly on the earth so sustainable fashion is important to me. I don't make cheap throw away accessories. I make my pieces to last (please see my Returns Policy) and my designs do not follow quick fads but are rather something that I hope will be worn for many years.

I'm an independent artisan and, from this website, you are buying directly from me. I lavish a lot of time and care on my beads and I have calculated my prices to allow for a living wage. Your support means I can afford to get extra teaching assistance for my children who have special needs. I also try to support other artisans by buying their handmade beads to use in my jewellery.

For my packaging I try to reuse as much as possible, so your order may arrive in a slightly tatty envelope, but it will be golden inside. When buying new, I try to source sustainable options such as gift boxes made from recycled paper. For now I am keeping these unbranded so that they can be reused for gifting or organising your paper clips as you choose.