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Made by Cate van Alphen

Cate van Alphen My name is Cate van Alphen and I am an artist and maker.

At the moment much of my focus is on polymer clay, but I have dabbled in several other media from stained glass to oil painting. Of course polymer clay is wonderfully versatile so it lends itself beautifully to being combined with other materials such as beads and wire to make jewellery, or canvas and acrylic paint to make art. As far as I'm concerned, polymer clay is better than chocolate! Since I want to make more jewellery than I'm able to wear, I have set up this shop to give my work an opportunity to find new owners.

It's quite an eclectic mix. I hope you enjoy looking around.

What is polymer clay?

Polymer Clay is a colourful oven bake modelling material with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) base. It remains soft until cured at which point it becomes hard and permanently set. Unlike glass or ceramic it is light to wear and warm to the touch. I love polymer clay because it allows me to experiment with both texture and colour.

How do I do it?

I have a blog where I share some of my techniques and inspiration behind the pieces I make. You find a dedicated tutorials page there.